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SIA „Biļešu paradīze” online shop user’s rights and duties

SIA „Biļešu paradīze” online shop user’s rights and duties
Your registration in BIĻEŠU PARADĪZE online shop serves as an acknowledgment that you agree to the above terms. This agreement between BIĻEŠU PARADĪZE and USER comes into effect immediately after USER has registered successfully in BIĻEŠU PARADĪZE online shop.

  1. General information
    1. These terms, rights and duties establish mutual relations between SIA „Biļešu Paradīze” (hereafter BIĻEŠU PARADĪZE), registered in Commercial Register of Republic of Latvia with unified registration number LV40003394937, and a person (hereafter USER), who makes purchases in online shop or to buy tickets to the Events, whose ticket distributor is BIĻEŠU PARADĪZE.
    2. By effecting the payment USER confirms that the purchase corresponds with his/her choice. Purchased tickets can not be returned and will not be exchanged.
    3. Bought tickets are refunded and/or exchanged only if the event is cancelled.
  2. Payment for services provided by BIĻEŠU PARADĪZE.
    1. Cost of usage BILEŠU PARADĪZE internet shop is 7.37 percents of booked tickets sum including PVN.
    2. Payment for internet shop usage and delivery will be added to purchase sum.
  3. Liability
    1. BIĻEŠU PARADĪZE accepts responsibility only for trade of tickets to the events.
    2. In case of cancellation, BIĻEŠU PARADĪZE refunds only the nominal value of the ticket.
    3. BIĻEŠU PARADĪZE does not undertake any responsibility for lost tickets. In case of loss, tickets will not be duplicated and no copies will be provided.
    4. BIĻEŠU PARADĪZE is not responsible for the content or the quality of the event. Quality and content is a responsibility of the Event Provider.
    5. In case of event cancellation of the event, BIĻEŠU PARADĪZE accepts full responsibility for purchased tickets in compliance with legislation of the Republic of Latvia.
    6. In accordance with Sections 1773 and 1774 of the Civil Law, BIĻEŠU PARADĪZE does not bear liability for any risk of accident, and does not repay the nominal value of the ticket if the Event is cancelled due to an accident or force majeure (military action, natural disasters, epidemics, civil unrest, strikes, regulatory documents issued by government bodies etc.).
  4. Use of personal information provided by USER
    1. USER voluntarily agrees to provide personal information, which is required for purchase of the tickets in BIĻEŠU PARADĪZE online shop and for ticket delivery.
    2. USER himself is responsible for authenticity of personal information.
    3. BIĻEŠU PARADĪZE utilizes the information provided by USER in his interest only. For third parties USER’s information is available only in cases specified by Law.
    4. USER can freely delete or edit the provided information.
    5. Username is a unique USER’s identifier. USER is responsible for the use of his username and/or password.
  5. Other regulations
    1. BIĻEŠU PARADĪZE does not take the consequences for unwanted effects caused by the use of connected technical products.
    2. BIĻEŠU PARADĪZE provides information about Event Provider’s legal name and its unified registration number.
    3. In case of unauthorized use of the System BIĻEŠU PARADĪZE denies the access to the online shop.